Barra da Tijuca Bridge – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The following are crude notes and links I have gathered during my research. The information may be in various languages and is being updated during the research process until a full article is written.


The project for a metro-bridge (to be finished in 2015) was first assigned to Santiago Calatrava, the local government decided not to continue building the Calatrava design because it “did not meet criteria for optimizing costs and on-time delivery that should be associated with a public project”. Were Brazilians afraid Calatrava would not stay within the agreed budget and that the bridge would not be finished in time?

In a lawsuit against critical website (following the lawsuit now Calatrava blamed the website and its echo in international news media for the loss of the contract. In his opinion the website had unjustly damaged his image which had lead to Calatrava losing the Tijuca project. Obviously a negative image is a cause of concern for any star-architect however one may ask if it is the website that caused this negative image or if it was caused by Calatrava´s track record. Isn´t Calatrava blaiming the messenger for the bad news?

Ponte-estaiada-1 Ponte-estaiada-2

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